Infinity Industrial Controls, Inc. designs, manufacturers, distributes and provides maintenance on some of the most cost-effective municipal control systems. Our engineers will take your unique requirements, evaluate the variables and deliver an efficient, robust system.

Waste Water Systems


Infinity Industrial Controls designs, builds and installs world-class pressurized wastewater systems and lift station controls, featuring the highest quality fluid controls to provide full station operation and status reporting functions. Our systems provide analytical monitoring and intelligent treatment through each stage. Our UL508A shop specializes in custom PLC water/wastewater pump control panels and systems. Every system/application is customized to meet the unique requirements of each municipality.

Wastewater SCADA solutions designed by Infinity Industrial Controls engineers are capable of operating under a wide range of conditions, while maintaining flexibility to allow for turn-key startup. By specifying ideal components at key points in each system, Infinity Industrial Controls can ensure that your effluent meets or exceeds the limits. Whether new or existing, Infinity Industrial Controls designs and builds robust, reliable and cost-effective systems.