Alternate Energy

Revitalizing International Industry Through Green Engineering, Automation and American Ingenuity

Alternative Technology

At Infinity Industrial we are always working to bring to our customers the most efficient power systems available as they come on the market. We are dedicated to exploration and validation of new technologies.

It is our purpose to ensure that our customers have cutting edge technology at the lowest cost to integrate and operate. We are continually engaged in research to stay ahead of the commonplace while ensuring that benefits are real and significant.

The world of technology is continually changing so that newer methods are being regularly discovered. We will bring these advances forward once validated and proven. We are currently involved in evolving methods of power generation that exceed efficiency of standard methods by well over 20%. We can discuss these advances with you and simplify your electrical needs.

Green By Design

Different applications require different types of green energy. We carefully take into consideration the natural resources of the area and the limitations of the landscape along with the goals and purposes of the developer for the betterment of the community.

Green Energy Design Engineering

Infinity Industrial researches and develops a wide variety alternative energy devices and holds several patents. Harnessing the natural resources of the country while maintaining all of its esthetic beauty. Infinity Industrial’s lead Green Engineering team; Kent Bingham & Ed Grimm. Kent has 40 years experience in green design. He was the lead Engineer for Disney’s Epcot project.

Ed Grimm hails from NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Ed has 30 years of green technology design experience & holds hydrogen technology patents. He is the creator of the Electricity/Water Generator.

Send over your NDA and let our NASA certified engineers design your next project!


Marine Hydroxy Fuel System

Unique applications such as Infinity Industrial’s Ship Board Water Fuel Generator was designed from the ground up to be rugged, long-lasting and trouble-free. Specifically engineered to be retrofitted to older cargo vessels, this “Hydrogen on Demand” system enhances the combustion of diesel or heavy fuel oil directly. This enables yesterday’s engine technology to burn fuel more completely, extracting more useful energy and reducing pollutants.

The hydrogen on demand system is unique in that it does not feed gaseous hydrogen into the engine intake air stream, eliminating uneven cylinder balance those systems can exhibit due to random flow distribution. Infinity Industrial’s hydrogen system feeds each cylinder individually, thereby enhancing cylinder balance and overall system efficiency.