About IIC

Lynette Barry, founder and President of Infinity Industrial Controls, Inc. created this thriving business from personal funds and has spent her career focused primarily on product development and applications that better mankind. She has years of business management training & sits on the board for the Electrical Automation Advisory Committee at Pinellas Technical College. She is the lead automation advisor and provides statistics and technical data to the executives for their electrical automation curriculum. This also includes data on component market share and market direction. This is a vital post in forwarding the worthwhile endeavor of keeping the electrical industry prospering. Electrical Engineering in the field of automation is a dying discipline. Through very clever means this is being revived. Energy efficiency is one the most wanted and needed areas for improvement in municipal and industrial operations. Through genius marketing & bright collaboration, Lynette is helping move production toward environmentally friendly processes and renewable resources therefore creating more local and national jobs. Some of her most prestigious clients are General Motors, Yuengling Beer Company, Orlando International Airport & Duke Energy. They rely on Infinity to provide them with automation and green solutions.