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Same Day DC and AC drives. Free Technical support on ANY drive or motor. Design. Install. Service. Training. Retrofit. Troubleshoot. Reduce Down Time. Get your staff trained. DC / AC. Drives. Motors. Common Issues.

PLC Programming Design and Troubleshooting

Infinity Industrial Controls can design, implement and troubleshoot all PLC makes and model. From ladder logic to block diagram and beyond. We can retrofit new PLC’s on old machines to improve operation or modify existing PLC’s to add new functionality. Infinity can add iPhone or iPad controls, as well as traditional button operators or sophisticated touch screen interfaces.

Smarty 210Typical PLCs

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Machine Controls Retrofit

Infinity can add new life to existing machines for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Robust, reliable control panels, wiring and systems not only increase precision, but also can reduce setup time and eliminate recurring down-time issues.

DC & AC Motors and Drives

Infinity is THE industry leader in DC motors and Drives. We also offer the only single phase input, single phase output AC drive on the market. Infinity repairs, installs and distributes DC and AC motors and drives. We can troubleshoot many issues over the phone.

PLX Optidrive-E2-NEMA12_IP55-300x227

The Drive Web Dollar Spinner Demo

Our ODE 2 drives in rugged, IP55 enclosures spin up a pair of industrial motors in less than half a second. The Drive Web Smarty at the heart of this system coordinates the motors in a phase-lock load. Incremental and coder feedback is enabled with the Smarty’s remote dual-encoder module.

The Smarty has complete parameter access to both drives via a mod-bus RTU serial network. With this access, the Smarty can re-purpose the drives standard IO.

SavvyPanel is a revolutionary automation tool enabling complete and secure monitoring control from any computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. All you need is the app!

pTEC Advisory Board Members

Pinellas Technical Education Centers (pTEC) offers continuing education courses and commercial training services. pTEC’s Industrial Machinery Maintenance program trains students in the theory and hands on application of Electronics, Fluid Power Systems (Hydraulics and Pneumatics), Applied Cross Discipline Unified Physics, Mechanical Systems (Gears, Drives, Mechanisms, Linkages and Levers), Industrial 3 Phase Electricity and Motor Controls, PC computer systems application and use, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) Programming and Automated Control Systems/Robotics work cell setup and programming.

pTEC relies on input from leading industry experts to keep their curriculum current and their graduates in demand. Infinity Industrial Controls has been on pTEC’s advisory board since 2011.

Pinellas Technical Education Centers